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Hard fought battles of bloody savagery have finally led to all-out war in book three of the
“Thousand Scars for You” series. 
Mina, the legendary Yasmani Ro born of fire and ice, is no longer a fugitive from her
warring clans, having unified them through blood and violence. Unfortunately, her reputation for
possessing a soul smoke of unimaginable power has put a bounty on her head. Now, she is
being hunted by every mercenary, devil, and conjurer looking to extract that power and add it to
their own. 
In an attempt to quash all adversaries, and bring balance to the realms, Mina and her
diverse circle of embattled comrades are forced to place their trust in a mysterious and dubious
ally, Athan Asios - Lord of the Dark Realm - but can he be trusted?
With no options, Mina, her barbarian lover, and their motley crew of family and fighters
forge a pact with the Dark Lord to ensure the realms safety against all threats. However, in
doing so, they unwittingly unleash a terrifying and unexpected evil that seeks to exact the very
same fate they were all fighting so hard to avoid. 
This war threatens to take everything from them; with casualties mounting and hope
diminishing, all looks lost. Evil of immeasurable power begins to consume everything in its path
and threatens to engulf all the realms before enslaving every living soul.


page length- 329 pages

A Hell of No Hearts- Justin Bourne Boring (Book 3)

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