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February 2022

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February 4th, 2023

     Literary Dreams Publishing was a part of the Hot NOLA Carnival Author event last weekend and it was such a wonderful time. For those that don't know our marketing director, Colleen Daley, she represented Literary Dreams at the show. She was very excited to meet such amazing authors and readers and did a fantastic job supporting our LDP team out in the world. 

     We would like to thank Gillian Zane for putting on a wonderful show and being so helpful and organized that everything went off without a hitch. Thank you to all the authors who stopped by our table to say hello and learn about our services and were kind and friendly to Colleen! She was also able to grab some new books to read.

    It was fantastic to have two of our published authors at the show, Stevie D. Parker and Justin Bourne Boring! They did a wonderful job and had fantastic table displays. 

Taylor Gray


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