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Interview with Justin Bourne Boring

June 2024

Justin Bourne Boring is the author of the Dark Fantasy series, A Thousand Scars for You. Beauty is a Blade (book 1) was an introduction to the Pentavi and Sinteverete warrior clans. In book 1, we are introduced to some of the characters of the series and find out the background for the war between the clans in their parallel realm. In Violence & Roses (book 2), we are brought into modern times. While the war continues, it is now bleeding over into the Earth realm and certain warriors are changing sides. Hell of No Hearts (book 3) will be released on June 20 th, 2024 and I had the pleasure of speaking with Justin about the upcoming release and here is what he had to say:

In Beauty is a Blade we started in the past, then Violence & Roses brought us into the present time, will Hell of No Hearts continue in the present or are we thrown into the future?

A Hell of no Hearts picks right up where Violence & Roses left off and brings us into that future.

Do we see more of Mina and Mayax in Hell of No Hearts?

Most definitely, but not in the way you might expect. I may have some upset readers with this next book, but it will definitely be exciting!

Are there any new characters you can tell us about in Hell of No Hearts?

There are a myriad of new characters: a voodoo queen who wields black magic, a sweet but burned out mercenary, and an aggressive, loud-mouthed corporate type. All of your favorite characters will also be back for more explosive action. However, I may have some surprises in store for some of the readers’ favorite past characters.

What tropes can we expect in Hell of No Hearts?

This whole series is enemies to lovers in one way or another. I try to keep it fresh and mysterious, but I really enjoy stories about finding love where you least expect it, and overcoming looming obstacles that arise from such fraught love. In Hell of No Hearts there will also be some tragedy and revenge for love lost.

Are there any surprises in Hell of No Hearts that you are willing to tell our readers about?

I don’t want to spoil anything, but this book is full of surprises around every corner. Some of these new twists may have you screaming at the characters as you read. There may be a few tears shed along the way as well, but don’t worry this is fantasy, so you never know what may happen in book 4!

Do we get an HEA in A Hell of No Hearts?

Not just yet. The possibility for an HEA is there as far as the reader can see but the characters aren’t there just yet. Don’t worry though, they will get their HEA by the end of the series.

Are you planning more books for the Thousand Scars for You series?

I’m staying fluid, but feel the whole story will wrap in five to seven books. Since I don’t plot these stories I just write until I feel the story is complete.

Will you continue writing after A Thousand Scars for You series is complete?

Yes, absolutely! I have enjoyed writing and interacting with readers. I have a few plans for another series, you will just have to wait to find out though.

Do you have any plans for any public appearances coming up that readers could see you at?

I don’t have anything planned until 2025! I will keep my readers updated on any events you may find me at.

Taylor Gray


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