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Both books 542 Days: Recollection  and 542 Days (Book 2): Ramification

542 Day mini pad



crystal set               

cleansing kit with 4-inch sage bundle, 2 crystal chip jars and tealight candle


542 Days: Recollection

Do you believe in magic?

Calista Reed, a popular Hollywood actress at the height of her career, never did. Driven to succeed after her mother’s suicide and surviving a childhood of foster homes, her career is thriving… until a paranormal event and a cryptic message throws her into a high profile DUI and a court mandated sentence in an elite, private rehab facility. There, Cali meets Josh, and the paranormal occurrences intensify, forcing them both to embrace their innate supernatural gifts.

As Cali and Josh’s relationship blossoms, their pasts come back to haunt them as they seek to learn the truth behind her family, the art of witchcraft, and controlling their powers. Committed to learning the significance of 542 days, Josh and Cali embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the unexplainable, and colliding with a past they can’t avoid. Can they stop history from repeating itself?

In 542 Days: Recollection by Stevie D. Parker, time is of the essence as previously made mistakes require rectification.


print length- 316 pages


542 Days (Book 2): Ramification


Can you truly forget the past?

Or is it buried inside you, ingrained deep within your soul? Josh is haunted by these questions, and the recollections he can’t shake from a paranormal message: 542 Days,  an event that turned his life upside down. Now he faces the aftermath.

Tormented by prior decisions, Josh accidentally summons a force into his life he was not expecting,  and isn’t sure he’s ready to let go of.
Pressured to revisit witchcraft, he, along with Britney and Mason, enter a reality infused with paranoia, mystery and magic.

In 542 Days (Book 2): Ramification by Stevie D. Parker, we are taken on a suspenseful tale of three uniquely different people,  brought together by an inexorable tragedy, on a mission to ensure the spell they performed to secure their future was successfully accomplished.


print length- 284 pages

542 Days Book Box- Stevie D. Parker

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