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In The Beginning, Liv Martin was just starting to accept that her simple life of slumber was turning into a world of nightmares that were taking over. After spending a year with the horrid Dr. Bell, Liv’s life begins to change again when she finds out who and what the protective shadow creature is, and who the mysterious hooded man from her dreams is. Getting answers only confuses Liv all the more, until she finally discovers who she is and what she is meant to do. There’s only one problem: she’s unsure who she can trust when the stakes become high, and there’s no one left to turn to. Doc, who she has known all her life, isn’t exactly who she thought he was. The people she’s trusted all her life have dark secrets, her family is gone, and her best friend, Peter Jensen, has betrayed her. Liv alone will need to figure out how to control the darkness inside her, alone, before it completely consumes her.


Print length- 400 pages

Liv The Awakening - Sara Louisa (Book 2)

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